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International Estateman

A Property Management System for global property portfolios with country identifiers and automatic currency conversions. All sites are linked via remote access which offer an efficient and prompt means of support, irrespective of the location.
• All overseas systems require some modifications and amendments to reflect local law, property tax, different VAT levels and so on…
• Estateman has produced a unique currency conversion formula which allows clients to produce reports in any currency of their choice.Estateman has gained considerable experience in installing and supporting systems overseas. Clients include The Gibraltar Government, The Malta Development Corporation and more.

ESTATEMAN products are ideal for all of the following perspectives and requirements:

  • Investment Companies
  • Corporate Companies
  • Multiple Tenancies
  • Managing Agents
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Pension Funds
  • Owner-Occupiers
  • Local Authorities
  • Public Bodies
  • Country & Landed Estates

The Estateman suite of software is constantly being enhanced and upgraded and new software introduced. Estateman is offered in a modular format in order that clients can choose the modules which suit their needs and which are integrated to one another.

Property Register
The main database for the property records for each premises.
Tenancy Register
The main database for the lease information for each tenant.
Property Manager’s Diary
A powerful diary management system, along with reports and transaction workflows.
Progress & Comparables
Programs to monitor the negotiation of Rent Reviews, Lease Terminations and Schedules of Dilapidations. In addition it also holds a separate database for logging comparable evidence.

Tenant Rent Receivable
Manages the rental income for a landlord’s system and produces arrears reports and full tenant payment history. Formulas for interest on late payment of rent and retrospective rents are included.
Service Charge Accounting
Manages the apportionment of service charge payments into various expense types and categories. Monitors expenditure and produces flexible reports and statements.
Cost Control & Maintenance
Monitors the cost and maintenance charges of branches/properties for occupiers. Logs all faults. Produces budget and actual reports.
Accounts Payable
Accommodates the procedures and payments of rent and rates and other outgoings for the occupier of premises.
Client Bank Accounting
The computerisation of the Client’s Bank Accounts for Agents which produces statements to the landlord on both rent and service charges.

Report and Export Wizard
Allows the extraction of data quickly and easily from the Estateman system. Aside from a fully featured report design tool output is also selectable from Word, Excel, HTML, XML, CSV and fixed length file formats.
Health and Safety Register
A fully realised module which allows tracking of Asbestos, Legionella, Condition and Disabled Access survey information. Contains a full suite of reports.


  • Powerful, enhanced security system
  • Secure database and login access
  • Fast dynamic integration of all property management and accounting modules
  • Full range of database data storage types
  • Small performance overhead on server
  • DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) from the system into other applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, accounts packages where possible
  • Integral data storage, SQL Mirroring available

If you are interested in learning more about Estateman, or in having an on-site demonstration, please contact us.